SALIS Statement of Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

As the Salzburg International School community continues to exemplify incredible
resilience in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to acknowledge our families and
friends, neighbors and partners in crisis wherever they may be. We stand with the people
of Ukraine, offering our solidarity and sympathy toward anyone experiencing pain and
loss, and we join with all people of good will working toward a swift and peaceful end to
this untenable brutality.
As a global community representing over 50 countries, we believe in caring for and
learning from each other. We do not tolerate discrimination or violence in any form, and
we work together to confront and dispel disinformation. We teach our children to make
sound decisions using credible, reliable sources and research, and we want to encourage
all of our families to speak about current events together in clear and mindful terms. We
believe in the dignity of all human beings and the common decency of humanity to
consider each other’s needs in times of uncertainty.
Beginning this week, we have accepted several Ukrainian students into our classes and
community, and we anticipate opening our doors to others in the coming days. The SALIS
community is ready to welcome these young people, and we are so very proud of our
students for creating such a welcoming and warm environment for them. Furthermore,
we have SALIS families taking in displaced children, and we want to thank them for
trusting us to care for the larger community in this way.
We are currently working with several partners and organizations in and around Salzburg
to gather educational resources for our current students and those joining us temporarily.
We are mobilizing support networks to assist us in responsible service efforts, and we are
digging in to find creative solutions in these most challenging times. We at SALIS
understand that raising our children to be good people in the world is our common goal,
and it is through open-minds and open-hearts that we will succeed.

Salzburg, March 14th, 2022

Get the Austrian Matura and an International Diploma at Salzburg’s First Public International School at Bundesgymnasium Zaunergasse


SALIS – Salzburg International School. Our answer to a globalised world. In our International Programme we embed our pupils in a particular learning atmosphere where German-speaking learners study together with children of an international, English-speaking background. Our school is an intercultural environment where we teach our pupils to become open-minded and critical citizens who care for the world they live in.


We are the only public international school in Salzburg that enables pupils to graduate with two diplomas, the Austrian Matura and an International Diploma. Studying at SALIS means choosing the ideal education for a successful career in a global world and where the learner’s personality takes center stage.


At SALIS, students have the unique chance of acquiring two diplomas. We prepare our students for the Austrian Matura and the IB Diploma, a prestigious international certificate granting access to top universities worldwide. A wide range of foreign languages and optional courses such as “International Studies” complete the international focus of our school.

Dr. Wilfried Haslauer Governor of Salzburg

“Language is the key to our world. Finally, we have a school that reflects the significance of our province as host to not only numerous multinational corporate headquarters but also to millions of guests from all over the world. The International School at Bundesgymnasium Zaunergasse – SALIS – closes a gap in the educational landscape of Salzburg. Thanks to the efforts of Principal Mag. Josef Zehentner and Bildungsdirektor Dipl. Päd. Rudolf Mair, it has now become possible to graduate with an international diploma from a Salzburg state school and thus lay the cornerstone for a career in our globalised world.”



From ages 11 – 14, teaching is delivered in both English and German. Our international classroom benefits all learners, as international pupils will reach full mastery in the German language while local German-speaking children rapidly develop a level of English which is near native across the entire subject spectrum. In the upper-level grades (ages 15 – 18), English is the main language of instruction.


In our International programme, teaching is delivered by German- and English-speaking teaching staff. In a selection of subjects, we offer team teaching by Austrian teachers supported by staff with English as a mother tongue. 


Academic and Remedial Coaching, open to all SALIS pupils free of charge, helps students to thrive. Students can receive subject-specific guidance or support in strengthening skills that benefit them across their school lives. 



True to our mission, we welcome open-minded learners from all over the world who are ready for the academic challenge of bilingual teaching. While we don’t expect applicants to SALIS to be fluent in both English and German, successful applicants are able to participate in the classroom in at least one of these two languages.

The International Programme is suitable for:

• Native speakers of German who seek the challenge of going beyond the requirement of the Austrian curriculum

• Native speakers of English whose parents are resident in or around Salzburg and who look for the possibility of an international school diploma

• Graduates from International Primary Schools

The deadline for completing the registration step for entry into Year 1 2023/24 is 17:00, Monday 19th December 2022.

The oral and written parts of the Year 1 admissions assessment will take place on 13th and 14th January 2023.

Registration is a necessary condition for being able to sit the admissions assessment. 

Click on the button below to find out more about admissions.


BG Zaunergasse is a non-fee-paying Austrian state day-school. To cover additional costs, the SALIS International Programme carries a contribution of € 78 per school month (€780 per school year).



All parents of SALIS students are members of the SALIS parents association. We are an active community to support our children. We share one passion: to help our children become motivated international students who are ready to meet the challenges of our time.

All parents of SALIS students are members of the SALIS parents association. We are an active community to support our children. We share one passion: to help our children become motivated international students who are ready to meet the challenges of our time.


Friends of Salis is a fundraising programme that aims at supporting Salzburg International School. Find out here how to become a Friends of SALIS .


SALIS stands for a dedicated community of students, teachers, parents and appreciative partners from the Salzburg economy who – financially and substantially – support SALIS.

We would like to thank our SALIS sponsors for their commitment and support in building with us a successful international state school.

Main sponsor | Hauptsponsor: Witschaftskammer Salzburg

Partner sponsors | Partnersponsoren:

W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH | Industriellenvereinigung Salzburg Salzburg AG | Austrocel Hallein

Associate sponsor | Nebensponsor: SKIDATA



We are looking forward to welcoming young people to our high-quality international school programme at Salzburg International School!

You can also reach us by phone +43 662/43 96 16-40 during our office hours:

Monday: BENZ: 12:45-13:35; FLAN: 10:30-12:30; WIND: 08:45-11:45
Tuesday: BENZ: 10:50-11:40; FLAN: 10:30-12:30; WIND: 11:45-13:35
Wednesday: BENZ: 13:35-14:25; FLAN: 09:45-12:40
Thursday: BENZ; 11:45-12:40; FLAN: 09:45-12:40; WIND: 09:45-13:35
Friday: BENZ: 10:50-12:40; WIND: 09:45-10:35, 11:45-13:35

Mr. Erich Schön
Principal Bundesgymnasium Zaunergasse

Mr. Holger Benz
SALIS Director of Studies
T +43 662/43 96 16-40


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Verein zur Förderung des bilingualen Unterrichts und der internationalen Klasse am BG Zaunergasse.
Zaunergasse 3
A-5020 Salzburg



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