ARC sessions are where SALIS students can get support in a wide range of areas vital to their success.

A is for Academic

The sessions provide support for students individually or in small groups, with guidance in subjects across the curriculum.

Students build confidence and generate new ideas, improving their success in the classroom.  

R is for Remedial

Students are helped to identify how they can improve their learning habits.

Students gain and strengthen essential transferable skills like self-organisation, essay planning, effective revision, and time management.

Equipped with these tools, students are able to flourish.


C is for Coaching

Students benefit from tailored advice built around their individual needs and requirements.

This approach is not prescriptive, but rather helps students to develop the skills necessary to become more independent and responsible for their own learning success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ARC for?

ARC is for every SALIS student! Whether you want guidance with a tricky maths problem, an extra challenge in chemistry, or a chance to chat about your revision techniques, pupils of all years and all abilities are welcome! 

It may be that students are recommended by a teacher to attend an ARC session or two per week. Students attending ARC under their own steam can attend as many sessions as they wish.

Who runs ARC?

Mr. Windsperger has been the ARC Coordinator since its inception in May 2019. Having worked as a native assistant in biology, physics, chemistry and maths classes, as well as working in the SALIS office, Mr. Windsperger is uniquely placed to help SALIS students in some key areas of the curriculum. During his undergraduate work as an academic coach, he gained skills in helping students with time and stress management. Mr. Windsperger also has a certificate in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Mr. Windsperger’s email address is

When is ARC?

In the winter semester 2023/4, sessions will be three sessions per week: 

1) Mondays, 13:35-14:25

2) Tuesdays, 13:35-14:25

3) Wednesdays, 14:25-15:15


Is ARC run in English or German?

The working language of ARC is English.

How much does ARC cost?

ARC is offered to all SALIS students free of charge. 

How can I register?

ARC is run as a drop-in service. You don’t need to register – just turn up! If there is something you need to share with Mr. Windsperger before your session, simply send him an email at