Our class, 6B, and 6A went to Ireland from the 21st to the 28th of May.  We made, a lot of different excursions, for example a hike to Bray Head. We had school in the morning until 12:35 pm and an hour later we went off to Bray Head. The hike was along the beautiful ocean and even at the very bottom of the hill we had an amazing view all over Bray and we could see the blue sky and ocean mix into each other on the horizon. Flowers could be seen everywhere, you could smell the ocean and thankfully a cold wind was blowing on this hot day. At the top we were overwhelmed by the astonishing view. We rested for a while, took some pictures and eventually we went back to our host families. (Mobina, Emilia and Isabel 6b)


As you have just read our day already started sporty so the cherry on the cake was our Irish Dancing Night in the evening. We were all prejudiced, but we gave it a shot anyway. First the lady started with easy steps and then eventually we tried dancing those easy steps in a big circle and with music. Afterwards we got into pairs and boys and girls danced together. At this point we were all having fun and started induldging into Irish Dancing. Towards the end we all wanted to keep on dancing and were sad that the two hours had gone by so fast. We were really happy with the unexpected turn that the evening took and were grateful that our teachers had planned this activity. (Leila and Leonie, 6B)


On the second day we went to Dublin with a tour guide who showed us around. The train ride to Dublin took 45 minutes. Our first location was  St Andrew’s Church. The next sight we visited was Trinity College, Dublin. We didn’t go into any of the buildings or libraries but just seeing the different types of architecture on the campus was interesting. After that we went for a walk in St. Stephen’s Green, in this park there is a bridge where you have to make a wish while you are crossing it, but it will only come true if you really believe in it.  Afterwards we went to Grafton Street where you can buy many different things and spend lots of money. Temple Bar District was one of our last stops. You must simply see the iconic red bar. Our day out in Dublin was very  nice but also very exhausting.