In the fall term Friday afternoons were spent with preparing for the CAE exam in spring.

Just in time before the Covid 19 lockdown, on March 14th, 16 of our 8A and 8B students went in for the CAE exam at Wifi Salzburg. All of them passed with flying colours, six with grade A, which means that they show abilities at level C2.

Congratulations to all of them, we are very proud of your achievement, you really worked hard!


  • Aitzetmüller Moritz
  • Fuchs Lisa
  • Gallei Laura
  • Geletiuk Anna-Carina
  • Hammer Vivien
  • Höllermann Esther
  • Hubauer Simon
  • Hütter Tiba
  • Jarau Catherina
  • Koller Anna
  • Kurz Nadine
  • Pichler Sarah
  • Schindlauer Emilia
  • Steiner Viktoria
  • Strasser Florian
  • Weizenauer Xaver