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Literary talk with Stephen Davies, classes 6A/B

2018-12-10 11:34

Dear diary,


Today something unexpected happened. Just like any other day, I got up early; went to school; spent the first lesson somehow trying to listen to my teacher while having trouble staying awake. I admit: It was hard. And additionally knowing we (the 10th grade) had to go to a lecture afterwards! I thought it would be impossible not to fall asleep. But instead of having the opportunity to catch up on our sleep in the back row my classmates and I were offered something so much better:

We got to forget about reality for a moment and dived into a world full of undiscovered treasures — all that thanks to the amazing lecturer and author Stephen Davies. Who could have — in my opinion — talked about almost anything and the entire audience would have been amazed. In those two hours I spent there I felt so much fear, sadness, love — a whole range of emotions was packed into such a short amount of time.


Simply breathtaking!